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So this is such a long time coming and i would first like to address the love and passion i share for music, specifically hip hop and rap. Without sounding to cliche i want to say that music is my everything, from choir class in elementary school to making Youtube videos of me singing and performing songs when i was 12 years old I've really always craved to put on a show, to perform. My cousin randy taught me how to play guitar when i was 13 years old and since then I have always had the drive to become a real life musician. As far fetched as that may seem I just know that this is going to be my career path. It was not until middle school that i knew i was actually going to be a rapper. It sounds crazy but as a middle school student in Minnesota i remember i had friends that were already rapping, one of my friends named Jaleel would come over after school occasionally and we would freestyle rap for fun. It got to the point where i was writing down raps during school so i could 'freestyle' them later to people who wanted to listen. That is kind of when i knew i had something special, rhyming was easy for me and i could write rhymes with a subject, i could make jokes into my raps and flow them with ease. Mind you this is like 8th grade, I was still such a child but i had skills seriously beyond my years. This makes more sense to me now, in hindsight, my father had a CD case with tons of CDs that he would let me take whenever i wanted. I was banging 'Beastie Boys' to the five Burroughs, I would listen to NWA's greatest hits, My brother bought 'Eminem's curtain call album and the 'Encore' album and i was steady listening to these CD's. Its crazy because at the time those were not even my favorite songs, if i were choosing music i was listening to "Three Days Grace" and "Slipknot", just the hardest grungiest most head banging emo shit i could find on Youtube at the time, I was on that. Freshman year of Highschool comes around and i was hanging with this kid named Cota max, Smokin weed and drinking.. failing classes, just being a bad kid. All me and Cota would do was Rap.. i swear to god we would just Spit bars day in and day out, he was older so he kinda was a big bro to me but he knew that my raps were just different. I lived in an apartment at the time and the unit directly across from me inhabited a kid named Zeke, who was a senior in HS. Zeke was the same age as my brother and as neighbors they naturally became friends. Zeke was pretty big into the music scene as far as i could remember, he had this speaker that he would bring to school and in the morning time during breakfast he would play his own personal beats and invite anybody and everybody to rap with him. It was dope, it was not every day just once a week or so, sometimes it was like straight up battle rap, sometimes kids were singing to his beats but most of the time it was just a big circle and if you had the skills and balls you would just rap whatever you had. As a freshman i was obviously intimidated by this circle of rapping but i knew that it was exactly where i wanted to be. It took me a long time but i did end up rapping in front of everybody, it wasn't crazy special but it meant a lot for me to actually go up and freestyle instead of just rapping some of my bars that i had written and memorized. Ive never actually been to great at freestyling, i am more a pure writer but shit, i can always kick something off the top when i have to, no matter how dope it is. I am totally sidetracking but what I am trying to say is that it was my freshman year when i first hear "Good kid M.A.A.D city" by Kendrick Lamar, he released it on my birthday (October 22 2012) and i actually fell deep in love with lyricism at that point. The way he literally told a story throughout the album and you had to listen to it start to finish was mind blowing for me. I really never heard anything like that, I did not know you could rap like that. it resonated with me so much and i listened to that album so frequently that it really became apart of my identity. I knew one day i was going to be like Kendrick, i was going to write short stories and then make songs for each chapter of the story. I scribbled and doodled my way through Highschool with my headphones on, listening to concept albums, dreaming of being able to get into a studio and work with producers and make an album of my own. This is not some new idea for me, i have always had the blueprint but fast forward to present day and now i have got the tools. I am not trying to say that my debut project 'Skib Ep' is some sort of masterpiece, because its not. The Skib Ep has tons of flaws and so many things i have to improve on but what i am saying is that it is my floor. I am grown now and i know what hard work is, i know how hard i have got to work to create the type of project that i have always envisioned. Its been a long time coming but the shell is finally breaking, i feel myself ripping out of my cocoon and its so fucking exciting for me to have the courage to share this with the world. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this little blog of mine, i can end this on a positive note that i am no where near finished and I am not going to stop working, ever!

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